Asesmen Portofolio dalam Pembelajaran IPA di Sekolah Dasar

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Izza Aliyatul Muna


The importance of a scoring system that can measure students' abilities cognitively, affectively and psychomotorically requires an assessment that can measure student learning outcomes that can not only be measured by value through written tests, so that the quality of learning can grow better then a portfolio assessment is required Part of the classroom assessment currently under development. A portfolio is a collection of students' work that requires context-specific performance, as for examples of what students can include in the portfolio are tests, evaluated work for compulsory student tasks, performance tasks, and work projects such as papers or Other tasks created by the students themselves. By applying an alternative assessment that is one of the assessment of the portfolio of students, can be collected evidence of student progress that can actually be used as a consideration to improve the next learning process.In addition, such assessment is felt more just and transparent for students and can increase student motivation To be actively involved in the learning process.


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