Pengembangan Media Audio untuk Meningkatkan Kemampuan Menghubungkan Siklus Hidup dan Pelestariannya


  • Alfi Laila Universitas PGRI Kediri
  • Yoga Marga Mahendra Universitas PGRI Kediri
  • Novy Nitya Santi Universitas PGRI Kediri



Visual Audio Media, life cycle relationship and its preservation


This study aims to describe: (1) need assessment or analysis of the needs of students and teachers for the development of audio-visual media; (2) validity from media experts from material experts; and the effectiveness of audio visual media development models in the cycle of living things and their conservationists. This research is a type of research and development (Research and Development). The research development model refers to the ADDIE procedure with 5 stages: (a) Analysis; (b) Design; (c) Development; (d) Implementation; (e) Evaluation. Data collection methods by observation, interview, questionnaire and documentation. Evaluation of the validity of instructional media involved five material expert lecturers and media experts. The results of this study indicate that; 1) teachers and students alike need the development of audio visual media in natural science learning at SDN Brenggolo 1, 2) audio visual media based on the results of the validation of the material experts obtained a score of 97.73 included in the very good category and media design experts obtained the average value an average of 98.21 which means that the developed media is in the very good category, and 3) based on the results of small-scale trials the result is 72.50% classified in the feasible category and furthermore on the large-scale trial yields 74.37% data, so stated that audio-visual media in the life cycle of living things and their conservationists is suitable for use in SDN Brenggolo 1


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